WordPress restore from malware or malicious code

Job Details
I have a wordpress which has been compromised. 9 hours ago it was down and when I checked FTP all content has been deleted. When I enter ftp to restore from previous working back up (godaddy saves 30 days of back up) after an 1-2 hours it would delete itself again. I have changed ftp password twice, as well as changed ftp client. I have local back up of the ftp as well and the cloud based which godaddy provides with hosting. However both version still lead to a total wipe of my FTP. Job will be to restore my website, remove any malicious codes and install anything to prevent it from happening again. repeated calls to godaddy and they say its not due to any issues with servers.


Client’s feedback
“Excellent work. got my site running within a day after it was attacked my malware!”

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